Cordyceps Healthy Blood Sugar

Cordyceps and Healthy Blood Sugar: The Hypoglycemic Effect of This Superfood Mushroom

Cordyceps Sinensis is a mushroom that grows in China around 3500 meters above sea level on the mountains and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over a thousand years. These mushrooms are quite unique since they are derived from the bodies of caterpillars. This may seem rather unusual, but don’t be mistaken these…

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Nopal Cactus Fruit

Nopal Fruit and Healthy Blood Sugars: The Bioactive Compounds of Nopal Cactus

Nopal fruit also known as prickly pear grows on the nopal cactus and has a wide range of health benefits with superfood status nutrition. The nopal has been gaining popularity as an ingredient that can be added into supplements geared towards nootropics, blood sugar supplements, and even pre-workouts. The extract of nopal can be a…

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Wild Blueberries for Blood Sugar

Wild Blueberries and Healthy Blood Sugar: Pterostilbene is a Naturally Derived Compound Found in Blueberries

Berries have been known for many years to be loaded with a large spectrum of health benefits when it comes to brain health, supporting healthy blood sugars, and neuroprotective effects.  The best type of berries are found in the “wild” which contain a much higher nutritional profile compared to cultivated varieties. They are spread through…

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Tigernut Protein Sources

5 Unique Foods You Didn’t Know Were Packed With Protein

These 5 unique foods that I am about to share with you are surprisingly packed with protein and considered superfood alternatives to the usual “everyday” protein sources.

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Kabocha Pear Soup

Asian Kabocha Pear Soup

Here is a fantastic vegan, paleo-friendly kabocha soup recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth but at the same time nourish your body with superfood nutrients. The kabocha squash is abundant in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s also a dieter’s delight, with only 40 calories per cup making it a perfect low carb food source.

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Goji Superfood Chocolates

Guilt Free Recipes: Superfood Goji “Keto” Chocolate Cups

This winter season draws in nights spent by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate and enjoying your favorite holiday treats. Let’s get crafting in the kitchen with some gourmet artisanal chocolates made the right way.

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Why BochaSweet is the Best Sweetener on the Planet

It’s called BochaSweet and is an extract of the kabocha pumpkin that is GMO FREE, diabetic safe, low carb, low calorie, vegan and suitable for the ketogenic lifestyle.

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Green TigerNut Keto Pancakes

Green “Pumpkin Sweet” TigerNut Ketogenic Pancakes

As a jing, gourmet culinary artist I am always looking for new ways to add some interesting touches to recipes. I’ve never really recalled seeing recipes out there that use a chocolate sugar-free syrup. So, I was inspired to use a new innovation I came up with while playing in the kitchen with Pumpkin Sweet.

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Lean Gains

Lean Gains Supplement Stack for Summer 2016

I want to share with you several supplements that have made a difference in not only my lean gains for this summer but my overall health as well.

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Jing Herbs

Jing: The First Treasure

Today we have a guest post on the ancient philosophy behind the concept of “jing” written by Rehmannia Dean Thomas at Rehmannia is a Taoist Tonic Herbalist and has served as an apprentice for Master Herbalist, Ron Teeguarden. He has studied medical diagnosis at Alhambra University and holds a degree from Natural Healing College as “Master Herbalist”. As an author, he has written 5 books and is in near completion of an online course in Taoist health philosophy.

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