So, you are probably wondering who I am? What is JING? What is this blog about?

Well, let's start out by giving a brief background on how it all started... For those who don't know me and this is your first time visiting this blog, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to discover and learn more about JingLifestyle.com....a dream come true for me!

It's been a long time in the making I wanted to create a blog. Thus, I had to follow my heart and create something I had so much passion for, and that is creating jing-licious recipes and writing about lifestyle hacks.

What you can expect to find are Paleo recipes....superfoods...tonic herbs...and dietary or lifestyle hacks that make life pretty SWEET.

You will find more about this sweetener through my blog posts. I love using this to create many of the guilt free recipes you will find on this blog.

So who am I?

For those who have never heard of me, my name is Jonathan Gentile. I have been researching health and wellness over the last several years.

It all started back in high school, when I started to experience some health issues. Some of these issues were...IBS....GERD....and allergies or food sensitivities.

I then stumbled upon the Paleo lifestyle and found my health issues improving along with implementing things like probiotics which restored my gut flora!

Over the years, I dabbled in a variety of dietary styles ranging from vegan, vegetarian, blood type, 6+ meals a day, raw food, and currently a Paleo diet that uses intermittent fasting and ketosis as a tool.

Today, I have found that consuming a highly nourishing diet of healthy fats, fibrous vegetables, low glycemic fruits, and ethically-raised animal foods to be appropriate for my body and allows me to thrive. It is a constant journey and I go through many phases with my dietary approaches.

So, who knows what I'll be doing tomorrow!

How I Have Been Influenced Over The Years

The book that has helped to literally change my life about the way we should eat is the Omnivore's Dilemna, written by Michael Pollan.

Omnivore's Dilemna

 The Omnivore's Dilemna

This book revolutionized my life to the idea of humans as omnivores and that a balanced diet where one consumes food from both the plant and animal kingdom is a dilemna of confusion because there are two extremes to the argument.

I once contemplated which diet is better for your health.

Vegan, Vegetarian, or Omnivore?

Now, through learning about mass agriculture and how industrial agriculture is disruptive to the environment, that sustainable small farms that raise animals ethically and grow crops through organic methods seemed to make alot of sense.

This led me to discover other influencers in the Paleo community like: Dr. Mercola, Daniel Vitalis, Mark Sisson, and many others. This brought me to the understanding that everyone's body is different.

My own personal experience with a vegan/vegetarian dietary approach of trying to be strictly raw or consuming some cooked food did not work for me. I ended up becoming very underweight and loss so much muscle mass. My workouts at the gym also suffered and I felt very weak.

Yes, I remember feeling an advantage from an endurance perspective...but when I started to train in  mixed-martial arts I felt the increased need for animal protein.

So let's say...no one diet fits all. Thus, it is all based on ancestral background, genetics, and environmental factors which dictates a dietary lifestyle that best fits YOU.

Through the works of Daniel Vitalis and other tonic herbalists, things really got exciting.

It seemed pretty cool to turn a protein shake into a concoction of tonic herbs, superfoods, and other unique ingredients that would make the process super fun. If you look up elixir crafting you can find some really cool YouTube videos that teach you how to make these. Basically,  the idea of combining wild foods and/or tonic herbs into your diet to create amazing, delicious  recipes that are nourishing and fuel the "JING".

Thus, I fell in the love of trying out all kinds of awesome superfoods and tonic herbs that I can add into recipes to provide my body with much more nutrition than I would receive from typical grocery store bought foods.

Not that there isn't anything wrong with brocolli, spinach, cauliflower, or brussel sprouts....

But, we lack variety from many plant species...when our ancestors would consume foods from thousands of different wild plants. This sort of abundance is lacking in our typical mono-crop diets.

Where I See Jing Lifestyle Evolving

With Jing Lifestyle, I plan to evolve this blog each day to be a health resource for topics surrounding tonic herbs, paleo recipes, superfoods, local food, low carb, ketosis,  lifestyle hacks, fitness and a multitude of recommended health products.

So, here is what you can look forward to on JingLifestyle.com:

  1. High Quality Content With A Diversity of Topics
  2. The Launch of a Paleo-Based eCookbook Product
  3. The Opening of The Jing Lifestyle Store
  4. Jing Lifestyle Expert Contributions
  5. Primary Focus on Jing Lifestyle YouTube Channel
  6. Providing Recommended Resources That Share My Vision

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1. High Quality Content With A Diversity of Topics

Over the past several years, I have fully dedicated my attention to researching the latest in health and wellness from a HOLISTIC stand point. After discovering some Chinese tonic herbs like cordyceps mushroom, reishi, chaga and superfoods like maca among many others; my whole perception of food shifted to that of food is medicine.

So, I learned how to add these into recipes...

I put in tremendous hours in the kitchen crafting up new recipes and trying to get things to taste right.

It wasn't easy at first, but I suddenly started to figure out how certain ingredients pair better than others.

So, I wanted to make recipes that would boost my athletic performance, strength in the gym, increase my testosterone, reduce stress, and give me more vitality.

With years dabbling in mixed-martial arts, nutrition was a BIG obsession and game I wanted to master.

Thus, I felt the need to teach others that just exercise is not enough; the key is quality nourishing food, tonic herbs, superfoods, and nutritional strategies appropriate for your body.

That's why on Jing Lifestyle it's not just about Paleo recipes....but also these incredible tonic herbs and superfoods....lifestyle hacks...and even functional fitness (which I plan to add some content within this topic).

This is a journey of self-discovery for me and I'm still learning...

I LOVE the feeling about sharing these things with YOU.

Here is a free guide I put together that can help get you started learning the concepts behind Jing Lifestyle.

Check out my 13 page Free Jing Recipes Guide:

1. Putting together Paleo Coffee/Tonic Tea Elixirs, Smoothies, and Parfaits
2. Secret Paleo Ingredient for Epic Protein Bars
3. Simple Ways to Start Brewing Kombucha for the Beginner
4. Customize your Gelato Now

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2. The Launch of a Paleo-Based eCookbook Product

The last several months have been spent working hard to set up this blog and produce content. In the middle of all that, I have also been working on my first eCookbook product as a 100 day goal I had set for myself.

This cookbook is going to be unlike any other "Paleo" cookbook out there, the addition of the tonic herbs and superfoods will make for some creative fusion recipe concepts.

I had the idea to this cookbook during some travels as a teenager to different countries like Australia, Italy, and Spain.

The food has so much culture and variety...I knew instantly the idea of recreating some of these recipes with a "Paleo" and superfood flair would be pretty epic.

I wanted to merge gourmet, fusion "farm-to-table" recipes with low-glycemic, Paleo-friendly substitutions.

So, as my book stands right now it is in the process of being launched this fall as soon as I find an influencer to write a foreword.

It is something I truly want to happen, but I can't promise anything...

Here's a little synopsis of what you can expect from the recipes:

Tiger Nut Hemp Pancakes, Paleo Sweet Potato Burger Sliders, Wild Kabocha Caprese Pizza, Flank Steak Wrapped Asparagus, Asian Kabocha Pear Soup, Butterscotch Maca Toffee Gelato, Bacon Pancake Pear Compote, Chocolate-Almond "Cookie Dough" Protein Bars, and Superfood Kabocha Pie.

The theme of the book utilizes the kabocha squash in many recipes and an exclusive superfood sweetener, Pumpkin Sweet.

The Gourmet Culinary Specials

If you sign up for my VIP List with the link provided in the previous bullet point you will be the first to be notified when it launches!

Which now sets the stage for the third bullet point.....

WARNING: This one is pretty SWEET!


3. The Opening of the Jing Lifestyle Store

The Jing Lifestyle store is already open with my very first product, Pumpkin Sweet™.

The really cool idea I have in mind here is to offer food-based and Paleo-friendly supplement brands that align with my vision of no fillers...chemicals or additives...and MUST be premium quality ingredients or certified ORGANIC.

Every single product I currently promote or sell on my blog has been something that I currently use or at least used in the past.

These products have consisted of hours upon hours of research to decide whether I want to recommend it based upon my own experience taking the product.

I am very picky about what I am putting into my body; thus, I rather not take any supplement than an inferior quality one even if it "supports" my nutritional gaps.

My goal is to expand the store to include my own private label products of some of the supplements I see in the industry not meeting my standard for long-term safety or certain factors I do not agree with.

This can be testosterone formulas...pre-workouts...fat burners without stimulants...greens superfood powder...nootropics...and protein bars that are made with integrity and from a holistic standpoint.

The protein bars are a current one I would love to launch, grass roots, when I find a partner/investor....

If you're interested feel free to reach out me on my Contact page.


4. Jing Lifestyle Expert Contributions

So far, at Jing Lifestyle I have published two interview blog post contributions.

The first contribution was an interview with David Sciola who writes for his blog, The Paleo Model, which provided very interesting insight into the world of fashion modeling.

The second contribution was done with Christian Bates who owns a supplement brand called Longevity Power and has a background in formulations, a BA in Nutrition, and worked as an organic food nutrition chef.

I plan to take the time to have more expert contributors on here.

In fact, a long term goal is to get Jing Lifestyle at a point where expert contributors can write content on here regularly.

One day... 🙂


5. Primary Focus on Jing Lifestyle YouTube Channel

This has been my biggest social media goal to date.

I finally accomplished setting up the channel and creating some content semi-regularly. Of course, I want to reach the point of doing videos on a daily basis.

It's one step at a time...

I am well aware of the potential YouTube has on the millennial generation as more and more people search content on YouTube and avoid television altogether.

The newest addition of YouTube Red makes it evident that at some point this platform will take over mainstream television.

In comparison to any other social media platform, I see YouTube as the biggest bang for your buck from an "organic" standpoint to reach maximum growth of your fan base.

On Jing Lifestyle, I plan to create content focusing on culinary and lifestyle hacks as well as daily VLOGs that can create as much value to the viewer as possible.

There can be some fitness stuff too...

So, we will see how it can evolve. I'm having a lot of fun with it lately and it's a huge learning self-development experience filming myself on video!

Stay tuned.


6. Providing Recommended Resources That Share My Vision

Throughout this blog you can find different banners, links, and other visuals that showcase different products that I am strong believer in and recommend.

Each product I recommend as an affiliate is carefully examined before adding to my site.

I want YOU to get as much value as possible and these different resources helped me out so much and believe you can benefit from them as well.

To conclude, the different supplements I recommend have made the biggest impact in my life and stand the test of time.



About Jonathan Gentile

Jonathan Gentile is the creator of JingLifestyle.com and holds a B.S. in Kinesiological Sciences. He has spent several years researching health and wellness. His mission is to share with others how to live guilt free through healthy recipes and lifestyle hacks.